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Contemporary artist SICARIA is set to make her mark with her debut EP, 'Blood, Sweat & Self,' through her newly launched label, Club Confi:DANCE. Giving listeners a taste of what's to come, SICARIA has released the first single, "Freak 2 Freak" featuring a powerful female vocal layered over a dark and heavy bassline, setting the tone for a message of female empowerment.

Aiming to challenge the gender norms within the dubstep scene, which has traditionally been male-dominated, speaking about 'Freak 2 Freak,' SICARIA shared her vision for the track:

“I envisioned this track being my first solo single under the new SICARIA moniker since it encourages female empowerment both individually and as a collective. I've always admired strong female characters and looked to follow the examples set by them while navigating the music industry. In a predominantly male space, I’ve had to elbow my way into the position I currently occupy. The single also pays direct homage to the kind of music I've been playing in my sets. The lead synth is inspired by some of the initial old-school dubstep sounds that were born in the early 00s and acts as a solid nod to my predecessors. The notation was penned to provide a creeping effect - almost seeking to emulate a cartoon character sneaking around a cavernous space - before adding some sub bass and some shuffle'n'swing style drums to give the track some fun movement. To round off the track, we have the sprinklings of FX and soundbites to develop its eerie storytelling nature.”

"Blood, Swear & Self" is set to be a multifaceted exploration of self, drawing inspiration from the renowned artist and photographer Cindy Sherman and her decades-long practice of photographing herself in various personas. Within the confines of the 140BPM dubstep realm, SICARIA weaves together elements of her own psyche, including her Moroccan heritage and sugary vocal chops that hint at her softer side.

As she breaks down barriers and challenges industry norms, SICARIA stands as a powerful voice for change within the dubstep landscape, all while delivering a unique and compelling musical experience.

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