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Shay Lia has burst back onto the music scene with a high-energy new single and a music video that showcases her impressive dance skills, 'Takutá', is a call to celebrate oneself and marks the beginning of a new era for the artist.

The music video for 'Takutá' features Shay herself performing a standout choreography that draws on her background in dance. Influenced by the likes of Janet Jackson, the video references Shay's infamous Boiler Room performance during Kaytranada's iconic DJ stream and pays homage to dancehall, vogue and afro-pop with her moves.

For Shay, 'Takutá' is a joyful expression of her singularity and all the different facets of herself. The song is a fun and freeing celebration of body, sensuality, melanin and freedom, and serves as a mantra for the artist as she enters an inspiring new era of power.

The single also marks the first look at a larger upcoming project from Shay, a pop proposition that the artist conceptualised during a time of personal reclamation. Tapping into sounds and genres that are reminiscent of her earlier work within dance and electronic spheres, Shay's return to music is an exciting development for fans of the artist.

'Takutá' is a powerful statement from Shay Lia, signalling her return to the music scene and setting the tone for what promises to be an exciting new chapter in her career. Fans of dance, electronic and pop music won't want to miss this high-energy new single from one of the most talented and innovative artists around.

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