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London-via-Türkiye Pop Sensation Selin Drops Emotionally Charged Track 'LIGHTS OFF' from Upcoming Debut Album 'PARANOIA'

Emerging pop sensation Selin is back with the mesmerising 'LIGHTS OFF,' serving as a vulnerable and smoky pop song that delves deep into the complex emotions surrounding the end of a failing love.

Selin's signature rich and raspy vocals infuse the track with raw emotion, while her creative wordplay weaves a compelling narrative, as she captures the feeling of two people slowly growing apart, realising that the relationship no longer fits. Exploring the mature choice of ending things rather than forcing them to continue, even if it's a difficult decision, Selin beautifully encapsulates this heart-wrenching reality with her soulful voice and poetic lyrics.

Speaking about "LIGHTS OFF," Selin shared her thoughts:

"In 'LIGHTS OFF,' I've tried to capture the feeling of watching two people slowly grow apart, realizing that the relationship doesn't fit anymore. Sometimes, the mature choice is to end things rather than forcing them to continue, no matter how difficult it might be. Unfortunately, in this case, I had to turn the lights off."

This poignant track is the latest addition to Selin's growing catalogue, and it serves as a glimpse into her upcoming debut album, 'PARANOIA.'

Selin's journey as a bilingual, free-spirited creative is a testament to her dedication and artistic vision, and the world eagerly awaits what she will bring next.

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