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Prinz, an East London-based artist, is rapidly emerging as one of the most promising talents in the UK music scene. Drawing comparisons to a young KSI, he has garnered a dedicated following captivated by his entertaining content creation and musical output.

Prinz's latest track, "Highs & Lows," has taken social media by storm, accompanied by a playful music video featuring internet star Gabriela Bee. The song cleverly incorporates a sampled piano cover of Walk Off Earth's "I'll Be There," pitched up to create an anthemic and relatable lo-fi rap track. "Highs & Lows" serves as an ode to loyalty and love, resonating with listeners across various seasons and occasions.

Since his debut single, "Peter Pan (feat. Liilz)," released in 2022, Prinz has witnessed a meteoric rise in his social media following, with 1.1 million followers on TikTok and 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. This success prompted him to transition into a full-time musician, moving beyond his internet persona. His subsequent single, "Beautiful Day (Thank You for Sunshine)," became another viral sensation, amassing 55 million views on TikTok prior to its release.

With his undeniable talent and growing online presence, Prinz is poised to continue his upward trajectory, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the UK music scene.

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