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Piers James

Rising star in the UK rap scene, Piers James, is back with his latest summer jam "If This Ain't Real."

Following the success of his April release "BOOP," which received widespread attention and was featured in Apple TV's campaign, Piers James brings a new track that blends hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall influences. "If This Ain't Real" infuses West Coast vibes with guitar melodies, creating a sun-soaked atmosphere that matches the visuals shot by Piers himself.

Showcasing tropical landscapes, sensuality, and catchy hooks, the visuals continue to highlight Piers' ability to curate all aspects of his artistic output. Describing the track's theme, Piers explains;

"The song is about the beginning of a relationship, in that honeymoon phase, asking the question: 'Is this real?' - quite like the start of summer. Going through the euphoric feeling, but is this relationship going to be the Disney fairytale that we dreamed of or an all-out war at the end? To be your most authentic self, you must let go of the material façade and ego and focus on how you feel in the moment."

With multiple tracks featured on the FIFA 23 soundtrack and an upcoming album set to release later this year, Piers James continues to solidify his position as an exciting and versatile voice in the music landscape of 2023.

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