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O Keane
Born from heartache, Oliver Keane's latest release "Miss You" is a journey through heartache and reflection as he showcases his unmistakable vocal talent and relatable songwriting serving as an impressive dose of relatable reflection.

"Miss You" focuses on trying to find hope during a breakup and the pain and heartache that comes with it. Oliver not only wrote and recorded the song but also produced it, showcasing his talent for production as he honed in on his technical skills from a young age from where he had also written and produced for other artists. Oliver shared his thoughts on the song, saying,

"At the time of writing the song, I'd been sitting in my flat with the blinds closed for two weeks with the same thoughts going round in my head. I decided to try and get those feelings out into a song, which in time became 'Miss You.' It was months of going back to the song, trying to get it perfect, but eventually, I came to terms with the fact that emotions aren't perfect, and there are flaws to the way we feel as humans, and that allowed me to finish the song and accept the imperfections in it."

Originally from Derby, Oliver Keane has been making a name for himself as an emerging singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His debut EP, "16mm Dream Sequence," garnered praise from Complex UK, Clash, Wonderland, Variance magazine, and more.

Now, at just 20 years old, "Miss You" marks the next chapter for this rising artist as Oliver has already built a loyal fanbase ready to hear what's next.

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