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Irish rapper Offica continues his remarkable ascent in the music scene with the release of his latest single, "Living Proof." Serving as a preview of what's to come from this Nigerian-born, Irish-raised artist, it's a testament to his unique style and lyrical prowess.

"Living Proof" features a minimalist musical backdrop, allowing Offica's slick wordplay and mercurial flow to take centre stage. With gentle piano chords, stripped-back Afrobeats-infused percussion, and a thick bassy low end, the track sets the scene for Offica's upcoming two-part EP. The first part, aptly titled "Hokage," focuses on his 'classic' sound, blending anime-infused party drill with introspective rap.

Offica's journey to prominence began four years ago when he dropped the anime-sampling "Naruto Drillings." Since then, he has redefined what it means to be an Irish rapper, breaking records with a series of classic singles and groundbreaking freestyles.

What sets Offica apart is not only his musical talent but also his surreal sense of humour and his ability to fuse the Yoruba language with Irish slang attracting a dedicated global following drawn to his unique style and precision-tooled ability to lead new musical trends.

"Living Proof" may be stripped back in its production, but it packs a punch, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Offica's rapidly evolving career.

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