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Blinded by the lights 23
North London DJ and producer duo Mixtress and Pete Cannon breathe new life into The Streets' iconic single, crafting a dancefloor belter.

Inspired by a dream and crafted with a futuristic twist, this remix takes the iconic track to new heights. "Blinded By The Lights 23" is an exhilarating fusion of synth work, jungle breaks, earth-shattering basslines, and unruly drops. Retaining the emotive essence of Mike Skinner's original while infusing it with a mesmerizing blend of modern electronic elements, warped samples of Skinner's iconic prose are skillfully woven into the mix, creating a dancefloor sensation that's both nostalgic and groundbreaking.

Mixtress shares her thoughts on the track, saying,

"This track was made in between digging through Pete's record collection, chatting breeze, and snacking on baked goods from the shop across the road. It represents us perfectly: a whimsical and high-energy take on a timeless classic that gets both the old and new heads feeling nostalgic."

"Blinded By The Lights 23" has already created a buzz on TikTok and YouTube, amassing over 200,000 plays and saves, along with numerous track ID requests, even before its official release.

Check out the single below.

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