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Miso Extra

London-based singer, rapper, and producer Miso Extra has released her latest single "R10" from her upcoming EP 'MSG.' Showcasing Miso's sassy bars, R&B-infused acoustics, bouncy beats, and flawlessly controlled lyrical flow, Miso Extra continues to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving music scene.

Delving into the balance between self-confidence and arrogance, as well as the difficulty of practising humility, Miso Extra draws inspiration from footballer Ronaldinho, known as R10, as she reflects on the challenge of finding equilibrium and navigating personal growth.

Miso Extra's previous single, "Space Junk," a previous Track Of The Day, and “R10” mark Miso Extra's triumphant return following the success of her debut EP, "Great Taste."

Following the success of her 'Great Taste' EP, Miso Extra has been working diligently with producers TrickyNDuke on her forthcoming 'MSG' EP which is set to showcase Miso's unique sound and further establish her as an artist pushing boundaries and defying genres.

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