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Emerging as a beacon of authenticity, using their craft to triumph over adversity, the rising South London vocalist Melica has graced us with her latest offering, "Run," as part of MOBO UnSung's Class Of 2023, and it's nothing short of a musical masterpiece.

Hailing from Saint Lucia, her voice carries the rich heritage of the Caribbean, infusing the sound waves with pure bliss. "Run" is a vibrant journey that reflects her adversities, a testament to her resilience, and an exploration of the hardships that once left her reality in disarray.

As the track unfolds, Melica's vocals glide gracefully atop sharp percussive textures and heavy-set basslines, creating a tapestry of sound that encapsulates her longing for redemption and enlightenment. Her storytelling is as vivid as the vibrant silhouettes portrayed across the honey-soaked visualiser that accompanies the song. It's a delightful harmony between her authentic storytelling and the music's infectious energy.

Now, as a finalist in this year's MOBO UnSung Class Of 2023, we can expect even more from this inspiring artist ready to represent the next generation of young creatives on their creative and ethereal journeys.

Melica's "Run" is not just a song; it's a beacon of resilience and an invitation to join her on a musical journey that's as vibrant and authentic as she is.

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