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Luka Gliša is making waves in the music industry with his captivating and distinctive sound. Throughout 2023, Luka Gliša has already released two standout singles, "Honesty" and "Day With U," now, he returns with his third release of the year, titled "Here For You."

Featuring intricate acoustic guitar work, immersive production by Charlie Moreton, and Gliša's soaring vocals, the track delves into themes of relationships, the cycles they go through, and the delicate nature of both the music industry and life as an artist. "Here For You" showcases Gliša's introspective and heartfelt songwriting, paired with a sonically appealing production.

This new single is another testament to his impressive artistic ability and his ability to carve out a unique space for himself in the music world.

With his music characterised by a fusion of natural sounds and live instruments, creating a unique and immersive sonic experience, this innovative approach sets him apart from the mainstream, infusing a Slavic aesthetic into the broader Western music scene in a nuanced and captivating manner.

Gliša's creative process is driven by his desire to create music that feels authentic to him, rather than comparing himself to others. He aims to craft music that resonates with his emotions and instincts at the moment of creation.

Check out the track below.

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