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UK artist and producer Ledbyher has released her latest single "RAIN," showcasing her unique twist on UK Rap.

"RAIN" offers a glimpse into Ledbyher's life in rural villages, providing a different perspective from the city-centric narratives often found throughout rap music. Delving into her personal experiences with hardships from substances to money, we dive into her powerful storytelling as she continues to captivate.

With accompanying visuals, directed by her partner Christina Phan, shot in the rural Bawsey, which holds significance for Ledbyher and represents her hometown, capturing the atmosphere of spending summer days and nights with friends, smoking and swimming in the lakes until the police intervene. Ledbyher takes pride in representing her corner of the nation through this video.

With Ledbyher handling all aspects of production, writing, mixing, and mastering, this release is a true reflection of what we can expect. Showcasing her talent as an artist, her DIY approach to music creation, and her dedication to representing her unique perspective and rural upbringing in her music, "RAIN" is the perfect introduction to Ledbyher.

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