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Hotly tipped newcomer Lana Lubany has revealed the firth track and chapter 'POINT OF NO RETURN' from her upcoming concept project 'THE HOLY LAND' released with breathtaking visuals.

Demonstrating once again her impressive vocal range with her trademark bilingual and Middle Eastern flair, 'POINT OF NO RETURN' explores a sense of sadness where it feels like you have no way out. Coming as a personal and creative exploration into a journey of self-discovery and finding her roots. Speaking about the release, Lana explains;

“It is a song exploring a sense of sadness so deep it feels like there’s no way out. You’re so lost that you don’t even recognise the stranger staring back at you in the mirror. With my long-term co-writer Ben, I wanted to create a cinematic and expansive sonic landscape that felt in parts sinister and unsettling, reflecting that emotional sense of desperation.”
“It’s about internal battles. I wanted to call it ‘THE HOLY LAND’ because I personally ended up finding my identity in my roots, but it could be anybody’s holy land. It can be whatever you find sacred and wherever you end up finding yourself. It’s not about religious symbolism, it’s about a personal journey.”

Choosing to sing in two tongues right now, Lana Lubany wants to be an artist that transcends just one idea, with the power to create whatever feels right at the time.

Destined for greatness, Lana’s ascent has only just begun.

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