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There is no doubt that INJI is a fast-rising star in the dance-pop scene and her latest release 'The One' is just proof of why with her cult fanbase across TikTok pushing the single to over 1.5M audio streams in its first 10 days.

Inspired by that point in a young woman's life where you are surrounded by boys wanting to date but none are the one, it's something every girl can relate to. This is the new 'Single-girl anthem', it's the confidence boost we all need. Talking on the release INJI said;

‘The One’ was “inspired by the universal love-life experience of a young woman. It’s that point in your life where it seems like there’s millions of boys around you (hitting you up, talking to you, taking you out on dates, hooking up with you) but none of them are close to what you want. All of those boys and experiences put together don’t even add up to what you are looking for: real love. It’s something every girl ever will relate to; and even though it’s actually an annoying experience, the song reframes it as a moment of super high self-confidence. Overall, it’s the new single girl anthem. It’s a feel-good confidence boost for any woman who isn’t actively in love right now. For everyone else, it’s a straight up bop.”

Exploding onto the scene with her smash bit 'GASLIGHT', she become well known for her tongue-in-cheek subversive pop, backed by an electronic punch. Seeing her work with the likes of Nile Rogers on a TikTok x Samsung campaign, INJI has a lot to thank TikTok for.

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