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Icona Pop is back with their latest club release titled "Shit We Do For Love," a collaboration with Swedish artist Yaeger, their long-time writing partner.

The dance track is filled with infectious hooks and catchy lyrics, drawing inspiration from both the late 90s rave scene and Icona Pop's own unique sound. It offers fans a taste of what's to come from the duo's highly anticipated second studio album.

Aino and Caroline, the members of Icona Pop, shared their thoughts on the track;

“This one is so fresh, we literally took it from the studio session and gave it to the label to release and asked them to move everything else. We were in the studio together with our friend and writing partner Hanna Yaeger talking about the craziest stuff we’ve ever done for love, we all had so many fun crazy stories. It just came together in a way that felt so current and urgent we had to release it straight away.”

"Shit We Do For Love" follows the release of "Faster," which has been gaining traction in clubs and dance radio. The track has received early support from various DJs and artists, including Charlie Hedges at BBC Radio 1, Claptone, Taiki Nulight, and more.

With their consistent releases and energetic performances, Icona Pop continues to make a mark in the music industry, bridging the gap between electro-pop and mainstream success.

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