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Giulia Tess
London-based Italian artist Giulia Tess is taking listeners on a unique journey with her latest single, "Gloves."

This emotive and synth-heavy track is an ode to her enduring love for the world's most popular sport, football. Born during a summer gardening session, where Giulia substituted regular protective gloves with goalie gloves, sparking a quirky and creative connection to the beautiful game. Combining chopped-up vocals and chimes, blending elements of electronica, synth-pop, and house, Giulia's music is characterised by its genre-defying nature, and "Gloves" exemplifies her continued evolution in sound serving as a prelude to two significant shows on her horizon.

In Giulia's own words, she describes the inspiration behind "Gloves":

"Last summer, I got pretty into gardening, but the only protective gloves I had were goalie gloves (an effective substitute!). My partner caught me excavating quite a rowdy thorn bush in these massive gloves and burst out laughing. It must've stuck because from then, the title, and the football theme was cemented in my brain."

"Gloves" comes as the first offering from her much-anticipated upcoming EP, "Serie A," with the EP artwork beautifully capturing the football theme, Giulia Tess continues to solidify her position as an essential artist in the electronic music sphere.

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