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Bristol-based singer-songwriter Freddie Lewis has made a captivating return with his latest release, 'She Wouldn't Believe.' The 23-year-old artist, who gained attention after playing at renowned festivals such as Glastonbury and The Great Escape, continues to impress with his introspective songwriting and poignant melodies.

In "She Wouldn't Believe," Lewis reflects on his personal journey and the complexities of being a transgender individual. The track delicately explores the nuances of traversing and transcending the gender binary, challenging society's oversimplified view of the trans experience. Lewis's lyrics paint a picture of self-discovery and the joy that comes from embracing personal growth. By referring to his past self as 'she,' Lewis expresses the elation of imagining that person recognizing his evolved identity.

Inspired by his encounters with fellow trans individuals at Glastonbury, Lewis wrote "She Wouldn't Believe" as a celebratory anthem for the community. The track's warm and ethereal synths create an uplifting atmosphere, while Lewis's poignant lyrics evoke deep emotions reminiscent of artists like Arlo Parks. Through his eloquence and relatability, Lewis captures the essence of trans joy and the power of self-acceptance.

With the release of 'She Wouldn't Believe,' Freddie Lewis continues to make waves in the UK music scene as a remarkable and influential voice. Lewis's ability to capture and convey profound emotions resonates deeply, making him an essential presence in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

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