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Melbourne-based electronic artist FRACTURES has released his mesmerising single 'Medium', taken from his upcoming album 'Shift LP' which is set to drop this summer.

'Medium' marks the inaugural stage of a new era for FRACTures; both musically and personally as he departs from his folk roots. Transforming his sound into a blend of electronic house music and ethereal vocals. Creating a gripping, atmospheric landscape, 'Medium' re-invites fans into FRACTURES world after what has been a reflective and transformative few years of experimentation and growth. On ‘Medium’, FRACTURES explains,

“This is about connection. Two people drawn to one another over the course of a night, feeling something deeper, being enveloped by the space they’re in. I wanted the song to feel like you’ve been submerged, almost like you’re in a goo, but it’s a nice goo. You’re safe in it. Safe goo. My first real experimentation affecting my vocal, almost like a different character, set the tone for a few other songs on the album to do something similar”.

Coming as the moniker of Melbourninan singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumental Mark Zito, FRACTURES has been hibernating, perfecting his craft, and preparing himself for the next phase of his already celebrated career. With his new sound being heavily influenced by the dance music scene in UK and Europe, he has thrown himself into the deep end, ready to tackle any challenge thrown at him.

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