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Iranian-born, Dutch raised and London bases rising artist Eyelar has released her powerful, patriarchy-defying latest single 'Think Like A Man' showcasing why we all need to be paying attention.

The track follows Eyelar’s previous single ‘Till You Hate Me’ and is similarly bold in its dynamic energy whilst retaining an irresistible penchant for pop melodies that continue to define Eyelar’s artistry. Speaking about the track, Eyelar says:

Think Like a Man is a song that I needed to write for a long time, especially as a female singer/ songwriter in the music industry, but also as an Iranian woman. The song kind of wrote itself when I was in the studio with a female producer and writer, which is quite rare in the music industry. The song is about being tired of oppression, but it wouldn't be an Eyelar song without the cheeky tone to the lyrics’

Spending her younger years honing her songwriting skills, Eyelar takes influence from the likes of Madonna, Nirvana, and Paramore - which can be clearly heard throughout her music.

Establishing herself as one of the leading names in the new wave of alt-pop artists coming out of the UK, Eyelar has found herself working with some of the most exciting names from the likes of Charlie XCX to Demi Lovato, and her latest feature on the man of the moment Fred Again's latest album 'Actual Life 3'.

With all this under her belt already, 2023 is set to see her grow even more as an act we all need to be locked into.

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