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After a brief hiatus, Ess_West, the talented artist and producer from South London, returns with his latest single 'Damn' from the highly anticipated upcoming project 'I love you, still.' Known for his signature sound that artfully combines UK rap, R&B, and Britpop ballads, once again mesmerising listeners with his unique musical blend.

Showcasing Ess_West at his best, 'damn' offers a reflective and emotive track that delves into themes of love and pain. Through his distinctive sound, he invites listeners to experience his world through orange-tinted glasses, evoking late-night-drive tones that resonate with the soul.

Presenting a stylish visualizer for the single, enveloping viewers in a haze of dreamy nighttime scenes as Ess roams the streets of London.

As the first single and visual experience from 'I love you, still,' Ess_West's return is warmly welcomed, leaving fans eager to witness what the constantly evolving artist has in store for them next.

'Damn' marks another significant stride forward for Ess_West, solidifying his position as a standout artist to watch in the UK rap scene. With his captivating fusion of genres and his ability to evoke emotions through his music, Ess_West continues to prove that he is an artist with immense potential and creative depth.

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