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Irish newcomer ESSIRAY is continuing to shine as a rising star with the release of her latest single 'Mr Perfect'.

Instantly incising you in with its enchanting sounds, 'Mr Perfect' is a delicate weaved slither of indie pop showcasing her celestial vocal effortlessly. With only a few singles under her belt, ESSIRAY is constantly experimenting with her sound creating a varied discography from indie to pop. Taling on her latest single ESSIARAY said;

“Mr Perfectisn’t about one person or one situation, for me it’s about the combination of emotions I’ve felt throughout my early twenties and navigating my love life. As a young woman in this male-dominated society it can often feel like we’re being told how to act and how to present ourselves; trying to live up to this societal standard created by men. The track also has a lighthearted undertone of coming out of a relationship, those rose-tinted glasses coming off and you’re just feeling happy in yourself”.

ESSIRAY is on a mission to captivate as many people as possible with her powerful, easy listening, indie pop, as she progresses through 2023 with more eagerly awaiting releases.

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