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Eljé, a fast-rising vocalist hailing from North London, is making waves with her latest release, "Bout To Lose It." At just 21 years old, Eljé displays a remarkable talent for blending rich, intimate vocals with vibrant electronic sound waves, positioning her as one of the most exciting new voices emerging from the underground music scene.

"Bout To Lose It" is a euphoric UK garage cut that perfectly captures the ecstatic resurgence of UK garage and house music. Eljé's neo-soul touches shine through, adding a melodic intimacy to the track. Dream-like chords playfully flirt with the syncopated heartbeat of the drums, creating complex pockets for Eljé to showcase her stunning vocal range with elegance.

Delving into the turbulent realities of mental health, Eljé confronts feelings of disorientation and the challenges it presents. The atmospheric backing bursts into high-calibre house textures, juxtaposing sleek production with Eljé's melancholic storytelling. This combination serves as a lightning rod, distilling the essence of a new generation of UK sound system culture while showcasing Eljé's immense talent and ability to have fun with her music. Eljé shares her thoughts on the record, stating,

""Bout To Lose It" is a song that captures how I was mentally feeling at the time, how much mental health can make you feel disoriented. I really hope this song can reach a lot of people and they can relate to it."

Teasers of Eljé's music have already garnered over 1 million views on TikTok, and "Bout To Lose It" is poised to continue her trajectory as one of London's breakout stars on the edge of mainstream realization. With her mesmerizing vocals, captivating artistry, and unique blend of UK garage and soulful sounds, Eljé is a force to be reckoned with.

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