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DILAN SKIES, a British-Indian singer/songwriter and producer from North-West London, is making his mark with his captivating blend of pop and R&B. Drawing inspiration from childhood favourites such as Craig David, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake, DILAN SKIES crafts music characterized by hook-laden choruses and tight productions.

DILAN SKIES' latest release, "I'm Not Him," dives into the depths of love, extending beyond romantic relationships. Written and produced by DILAN SKIES and fellow artist/producer PR Beats, the song was inspired by a conversation with a friend who was struggling to move on from a past breakup.

DILAN SKIES takes on the perspective of being the one to show her that not all relationships are like her previous one. Through heartfelt lyrics and skilful production, DILAN SKIES brings his vision to life, connecting with listeners on a profound level.

With a focus on spreading positivity and inclusivity through his lyrics and melodies, DILAN SKIES finds inspiration in the personal stories of his friends, weaving them into his music in the most authentic way possible.

Growing up in the 2000s, DILAN SKIES was initially exposed to his parents' cultural Indian music, particularly Bollywood and Punjabi music. As he explored more music, he discovered the popular Indian-English fusion artists emerging in the UK, such as Jay Sean, Dr. Zeus, and Raghav.

This collision of musical styles and cultures ignited DILAN SKIES' determination to find his own place within the world of music, blending his diverse influences into his unique sound.

The lockdowns of 2021 presented DILAN SKIES with an opportunity to further develop his skills and focus on his music while studying at university.

Releasing several self-produced singles and collaborating with long-time friends Elion Melody and Eric Matthys, DILAN SKIES garnered attention with his single "Make It Whistle," which gained over 100,000 streams and accumulated a dedicated fan base of over 4,000 monthly listeners, all without any promotional efforts.

With a string of successful releases and a growing fan base, DILAN SKIES continues to establish himself as a talented artist in the music industry. Stay tuned for his upcoming projects as he continues to captivate listeners with his catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

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