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Following on from gracing her vocals across 5 tracks on Stormzy's BRIT-nominated album, 'This IS What I Mean', rising British musician Debbie has returned with a breathtaking remix of her stand-out debut single 'Is This Real Love?', this time featuring Grammy Award-winning, US star Lucky Daye.

Produced by British producer PRGRSHN, 'Is This Real Love' focuses on the earnest and heartfelt plea for a connection that goes further than the typical social media stunting and surface level. With Lucky Daye adding an emotive, delicate verse giving the male's perspective and allowing inner peace to take centre stage throughout the soulful and ethereal adaptation.

Tipped for an impressive 2023, London-born Debbie found herself raised on the diet of Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin which can be heard throughout her music with her reflective but effortlessly relatable lyricism to her rich, resounding voice and her spiritual curiosity, she’s a careful blend of refreshingly new and intimately familiar.

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