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London-based drummer and producer Creature. has released the first single from his upcoming EP 'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows.'

With a unique fusion of Dutch electronic music, UK jazz, and trap influences, 'Memphis Grit' showcases his crossover sound. The track features Kamaal Williams-esque synth pads, captivating broken beats, and powerful basslines, creating a distinctive flavour that sets Creature. apart.

Inspired by a studio session with fellow artist Alec Meza in Memphis, Tennessee, 'Memphis Grit' embodies the overall journeying narrative found in Creature.'s forthcoming EP. The track carries a gritty main melody accompanied by parallel synth movements, while the drumming takes centre stage, incorporating shifting rhythms that maintain a sense of urgency, making it impossible to resist the urge to head-bop.

'Memphis Grit' came to fruition after Creature.'s Instagram audience requested a full version of a popular reel from his page. Responding to their enthusiasm, he decided to re-arrange the track and collaborate with musicians from his community, including Dan Collins. Capturing the essence of his friends is an essential part of Creature.'s sound, and their contributions bring the track to life.

With the upcoming EP 'Where This Body Goes, My Mind Flows,' he expands upon his distinctive sound, combining crisp sampling, impactful synths, and powerful 808s. Creature.'s collaborations with talented musicians and his passion for blending genres make him a notable figure within the club-ready jazz fusion scene.

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