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Courtney Courtney
Making waves is the rapidly rising Courtney Courtney with her captivating new single, "Overthinking," as she solidifies her place as an impactful new name in the industry.

Delving into the complexities of past relationships, a theme that many can relate to, Courtney draws inspiration from the likes of Mahalia, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse, as she combines emotive storytelling with catchy melodies. What sets Courtney Courtney apart from the rest is her effortless delivery and candid thoughts. Her open nature shines through in her music, creating an immediate connection with listeners, as she captures the essence of someone grappling with the past, a journey that many have undertaken. Speaking about the new single, Courtney Courtney explains:

"It's all about holding onto a past relationship that wasn't meant to be. I collaborated with a close friend who knows me inside out to bring out those emotions; Being a huge overthinker, the thought of it used to keep me up at night. Now, on the other side of it, I was able to write as an outsider looking back on what I went through."

Following her debut track, "Mums Car," which reflected on her journey and aimed to inspire others, "Overthinking" marks the second offering from her highly anticipated debut EP set to release in September. With a promise of impressive features and renowned producers like breakout Afrobeat star Camidoh, Telz, and Heavy Trackerz, Courtney Courtney's EP is shaping up to be a defining moment in her career.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her soulful resonance and candid lyrics, Courtney Courtney is undoubtedly an artist to watch.

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