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Coming as a reintroduction to one of the UK's most exciting artists, Cole Bleu celebrated Valentine's day with the release of 'HEARTBREAKERS', an anti-romantic anthem perfect for those late-night car rides where you sing your hearts out.

Striking out on his own, you might have heard Cole before as she worked with her best friend Scout in the duo The Let Go. Coming as an instant earworm with that bittersweet edge of indie-pop, it's a glossy but emotionally raw track all about when you break up with someone and then regret it all when you see them move on.

Releasing with an accompanying music video directed by Junkmail Worldwide, it takes inspiration by 90's stars Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Moss, who are all iconic heartbreakers in their own right.

“‘HEARTBREAKERS’ is about breaking up with someone but then realising you regret it after seeing them with someone else. It’s a different kind of pain when you know it’s all your fault in the end.”

Originally from Washington, Cole moved over to the UK to attend LIPA in Liverpool just before the dreaded pandemic. Influenced by the likes of bedroom pop, hip hop, punk, indie, and everything in between, her signature hookey songwriting and skill as an accomplished producer which comes together to create a unique sonic. Moving forward as a solo artist, Cole explains;

“I’m so excited about my first solo project because it’s authentically me. There’s no name I can hide behind, because it’s just who I am. I’ve found a new found confidence sharing my music with the world as Cole.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Cole Bleu in 2023, poised to be one of the best young artists the UK has to offer.

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