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Rising artist Cap1talA returns to the music scene with his signature style, offering up a captivating jazz-infused single "Something About Us," featuring singer-songwriter Onivola, continuing to build on Cap1talA's reputation as one of the most intriguing and naturally reactive artists emerging in the UK.

"Something About Us" tells a compelling and raw anecdotal love story. Enriched with soft saxophone notes and catchy percussive elements, highlighting Cap1talA's musical versatility. In this track, the London-based rapper seamlessly combines intricate wordplay, smooth vocals, and Onivola's captivating hook.

It's a gem that aims to propel Cap1talA into mainstream consciousness and elevate him in significant UK rap conversations. Cap1talA shares his perspective on his music, stating:

"My music reflects my journey and emotional experiences over the years as a Black man in the UK. I've noticed that my music connects with people and touches them, which is why I always strive to convey a positive message. That's why my motto is 'keep on livin.'"

Cap1talA exhibits a natural ease and finesse on the mic, allowing his stories to flow effortlessly. His open musical palette promises diversity and musicality beyond his years. "Something About Us" is another milestone in his career, indicating the rise of an exciting artist to watch in 2023 and beyond.

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