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Camden Cox
Camden Cox has dropped her latest single, "Touching Me," creating a synth-laden record that once again demonstrates her signature style, combining melodic harmonies with hypnotic vocals to craft a dance floor sensation.

"Touching Me" is a sonic journey that beautifully encapsulates the power of music to transform emotions and create a profound connection between the artist and the listener. "Touching Me" isn't just a song; it's an experience that takes you on a voyage of feelings, from solitude to exuberance. Speaking about this single, Camden shares,

"'Touching Me' is about transitioning from dark into light. One moment you're lonely and cold, and the next, somebody has come along and lit up your whole world. Suddenly, everything is warm and vibrant, and your heart is so full. It's like throwing a flare into the night sky."

Camden Cox's summer has been nothing short of hectic, filled with electrifying performances and DJ sets at renowned venues and festivals. From London's Printworks to Boardmasters, EDC Las Vegas, and even supporting Ellie Goulding at KOKO, Camden has been in high demand, leaving her mark on every stage she graces.

With "Touching Me," Camden Cox continues to solidify her place as an artist who not only makes people dance but also feel deeply serving as a testament to her prowess; she's a transformative force on the dance floor, and her music is a beacon of light in the darkness.

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