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Following from the previous single 'It Was Nice To See You', brother duo Brevin Kim (Cal and Bren Paulhus) have shared their latest single 'ShoulderBlades'.

Foreshadowing the rival of a larger body of work, 'ShoulderBlades' expands on the themes from the previous releases, exploring the duo's complex relationship with the place that raised them. Continuing to push their vision forward, this duo can not be refined by a single genre. Opening up with wide-struck guitar chords and a quivering reverb field vocal, the track maintains its nostalgic inertia as it builds up towards a heavy ethereal conclusion.

Speaking on the origin, Cal says;

"Almost 3 years ago now, Bren came home to our Dad’s house in Massachusetts, and I had the bare bones of a beat ready but was stuck. Bren sat down and recorded this song in one take. We didn’t even write it, it was a freestyle. Sometimes the most authentic ideas come when you just speak without thinking too much, rather than writing your thoughts down.”

Releasing with a visualiser combining a series of vignettes shot around their local high school football team which played a keypart in their youth from their social lives to community pride. Coming from Suburban Massachutes, American Football was unavoidable.

Through this elevated era of visual and sonic storytelling, the band hope to encapsulate the duality of their relationship with their hometown - where moving away has both allowed them to scrutinise and shed ingrained ideologies, whilst simultaneously embracing the ways in which the psychogeography of their formative years continues to shape them.

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