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BLK ODYSSY returns with his latest single titled "ODEE."

"ODEE" is a luxurious R&B track that showcases BLK's confident and extravagant lifestyle as he seeks to capture the attention of women. With lyrics like "get a bag, get a bag, she ain't looking at a money tag," BLK exudes charm while an emotive guitar line sets the smooth and stylish foundation for his seductive words.

This single follows BLK ODYSSY's release from last month, "Honeysuckle Neckbone," featuring renowned bassist, producer, and funk legend Bootsy Collins. "Honeysuckle Neckbone" is a feel-good, groove-led single with rich backing production and captivating verses from BLK that make for an addictive and soulful listening experience.

Accompanying the single is a visual that tells the story of three flashy jewellery dealers who fall victim to a group of heist women and their boss. The women serve as the perfect distraction, stripping the men of their possessions while the video reveals BLK ODYSSY as the mastermind behind the heist. It's a tale of self-deprecation, highlighting the consequences of greed and lust.

With two impressive singles already released, fans of BLK ODYSSY can look forward to an exciting year ahead with more music to come.

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