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Better Joy
Better Joy, fronted by Bria Keely, presents an alternative pop sound blending classic and contemporary elements, with their debut single 'Hard To Love.'

Better Joy has released their debut single, "Hard To Love," which encompasses an alternative pop sound that skillfully blends the classic with the contemporary, resulting in a fresh and exciting musical experience.

Fronted and created by Bria Keely, Better Joy is a band that explores the boundaries between opposites, infusing their music with deep lyrics paired with straightforward melodies and combining sheer vulnerability with innate resilience. This unique fusion of elements is what sets Better Joy apart and makes their sound exhilaratingly fresh.

"Hard To Love," was recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincoln and produced by Mike Peden and Steve Osborn, known for their work with Happy Mondays and New Order. Striking a majestic balance between introversion and extroversion, lyrically, it delves into the difficulties of self-acceptance, while musically, it delivers a colourful and uplifting experience with jangly guitar riffs, tight drumming, and haunting vocals. Bria Keely explains,

"‘Hard to Love' is a song of self-realization and acceptance. We all have parts of ourselves that feel unlovable. Finding someone who loves you despite those flaws, and sometimes even for those flaws, is pretty great. It’s an appreciation song to that person who puts up with you and takes you for who you are, the good and bad. Love is messy - and so are people."

The song's video, directed by Sam Kristofski - known for work with Tame Impala and Broods - was filmed in LA and encapsulates the essence of youthful carelessness and fun.

"Hard To Love" is not just a promising introduction to Better Joy's Manchester-based frontwoman, but also a compelling addition to the rich musical legacy of the North-West.

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