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Derby-based musician BEANSKN has unveiled his second single, "Novacane," showcasing his unique blend of R&B-meets-Rap soundscape.

The track, produced by artist/producer KC (Coldaseverrecords), presents an atmospheric sonic experience driven by a bouncy arrangement of bass-filled drums and captivating vocal samples. With a careful focus on crafting his sound over the past two years, BEANSKN delves into themes of addiction and relationship struggles, expressing transparency and vulnerability through his lyrics. Reflecting on the release, BEANSKN shares,

"Novacane was the first song I made while taking a new approach to my music and the genre I want to focus on. This song feels like the start of an important chapter for me, and I'm excited to see the response to this track and what's yet to come."

Accompanying the single, the Jay Winter-directed video captures aesthetic-driven shots set in the rural landscape of Thorpe Cloud, showcasing BEANSKN's attention to detail and high standards for both his music and visuals.

Hailing from Derby, BEANSKN's love for writing and using music as therapy began as a means to navigate relationship issues, insecurities, and life struggles. Growing up in a music-oriented household, he drew inspiration from his family's vinyl collection, immersing himself in the sounds of Queen, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson. During his early teens, his involvement in Derby's skate scene further fueled his passion for hip-hop, contributing to the development of his distinctive style.

BEANSKN's organic pursuit of music started with self-inflicted freestyles before honing his craft in the studio. Using music as a form of therapy, he plans to release more music in the coming year. With a clear vision of creating his own lane in the new era of UK Rap, BEANSKN focuses on showcasing his creativity and versatility, utilizing his genre-bending sound as the driving force behind his artistry.

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