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Canadian-born, Berlin/London-based artist Basil Panagop has released his latest single ‘Plantain’ featuring Feux.

The multi-talented writer, producer, artist, and fashion designer, who has been drawing comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean, Brent Faiyez, and Brockhampton, is making waves in the music scene with his upcoming debut album 6AM, set to be released later this year.

Basil, whose real name is Vasili Demitri Panagopoulos, was born to Greek parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having grown up with a diverse range of musical influences ranging from Hip-Hop and 80s Pop to 60s and 70s rock bands, Basil writes and produces Lo-fi melodic rap with poetic lyrical content. He has been praised for his unique blend of genres, which include Alternative R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop, with honest and personal lyrics.

With his eclectic mix of music and fashion, Basil has already amassed over 1.8 million streams in his short career. He has also been championed by several media outlets, including Ladygunn, Eat This Music, and Tenement TV. Basil has performed at several international festivals and showcases, including Endless Summer, The Great Western, and Future Echoes.

Basil is currently based in Berlin, with stints in London and Glasgow. He likes to be on the move, and his music reflects his diverse experiences. With ‘Plantain’ featuring Feux as the first single from his upcoming album 6AM, Basil is set to take the music scene by storm.

Fans can expect a unique blend of musical genres, with Basil's signature poetic and personal lyrics.

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