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still from "To It" Video

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Aryeè The Gem has returned with a new R&B jam "To It," produced by Trakmatik. The song serves as the first single from Aryeè's upcoming debut solo EP, set to be released this summer.

"To It" is a captivating song that showcases Aryeè's powerful and assertive nature as she navigates through life. the accompanying music video, directed by the cinematography duo MOM, adds an additional layer of depth, utilizing a conceptual symbolism of Aryeè's self-reflection and freedom to create a refined visual aesthetic.

The song's inspiration came from Aryeè's own struggle with overthinking and navigating difficult periods in her life. She uses the song to shine a light on those emotions that aren't necessarily deemed as "positive" and emphasize that those feelings are equally important. The lyrics touch on themes of growth, healing, and the discomfort of transition, showcasing Aryeè's ability to alchemize her "lower vibrational" feelings into art.

Aryeè The Gem's sound is a beautiful mix of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and indie elements that intersect art and healing through musical expression. Her passion and love for music started at a young age, having been immersed in choirs from elementary school all the way to the collegiate level. Fans of Victoria Monet, Syd, Ari Lennox, or Solange will appreciate Aryeè's high-frequency sound that delivers an eclectic mix of genres.

Overall, "To It" is an R&B anthem that speaks to the complexities of life, the power of introspection, and the beauty of self-expression. It's a song that encourages listeners to keep getting to it, even in the face of discomfort and uncertainty. We can't wait to hear what Aryeè The Gem has in store for us with her upcoming EP.

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