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Prepare to be swept into a musical revolution as Connecticut-based artist and producer ammar announces his latest project, "WHAT’S BEHIND BLUE SKIES?" with the lead single "(nevermind)"

This expansive collection defies genre conventions, weaving together the influences that have shaped ammar's artistic journey. The result is a fractured blend of experimental punk and alternative pop with a rebellious spirit running through its core.

The project takes flight with the lead single, "(nevermind)," a puzzling tale of love that exists solely in ammar's mind. He describes it as a love letter that was written and discarded, a testament to his inner struggle with the complexities of love in all its forms, including self-love. The song reflects ammar's "fear of love" and ultimately concludes with everything falling apart, leaving him to surrender to the inevitable conclusion: nevermind.

In the city of dreams, he found himself in studios, collaborating with artists like 070 Shake, Joyce Wrice, Channel Tres, AUGUST08, Duckwrth, and Bipolar Sunshine, giving him a rollercoaster introduction to the music industry.

With his genre-bending approach, wide array of experiences, and revolutionary spirit, ammar is someone to watch.

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