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ADMT, the talented singer-songwriter from Doncaster, is back with the heartfelt 'Wish You Loved You.'

This poignant track delves into the pain of watching someone who loves you disregard themselves. Becoming known for his emotional transparency in his songwriting, "Wish You Loved You" makes a powerful tool for discussing matters of the heart. Actively working to destigmatise conversations around mental well-being, especially among men, and his courageous vulnerability, his music is refreshing and unlike much coming out from the UK.

During the pandemic, ADMT took to the streets and began busking, bringing live music to people who missed it. This initiative connected him with thousands of new fans and even earned him a feature on Apple TV's Ted Lasso. He explains:

"Busking was my saving grace throughout the pandemic. It’s been my fresh air. It’s allowed me to be me... And without it, I’m not sure I’d have made it through it as easily."

ADMT is on a journey with his music, and also himself, as he opens up more and breaks down the norms of men being unable to open up.

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