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Aby Coulibaly is a fresh and breaking R&B/neo soul rap fusion artist from Dublin, Ireland. In her latest single “Weekdays,” her vocals are as classy as more established contemporaries such as Greentea Peng and Jorja Smith and have the influence of the great Erykah Badu.

“Weekdays” is a chilled but pleading love song taking you into the intimate world of a one-sided relationship, a longing for someone or the fantasy of saying how deeply you feel, when you know you can’t bring yourself to do it.

Aby says how it is on a ‘weak day’ to the backdrop of a mellow swelling synth, constant floor-to-floor drum beat and smooth harmonies during the chorus ‘Do you really care, I do.’

Hearing her Irish accent rapping midway through the song is refreshing, showing the world you don’t need a London or American accent in this genre. If anything she stands out of the crowd giving character to this track.

There’s a nice twist to the end of the track as it finishes with a hubbub of conversation as if we’ve been listening in on a this-can’t-wait mobile conversation in a bar or on a night out.

Aby Coulibaly burst on the scene with her 2020 single ‘Taurus’ during the pandemic, managing to secure online performances with big-name platforms like Boiler room. This shows the power of the internet and how you can build your fan base even from your bedroom.

Her musical style meshes well with Greentea Peng and Loyle Carner, two artists listed with Aby on AMF records in London. You could see her collaborating with The Silhouettes Project with their smooth jazz instrumentals.

Give her a listen and get immersed into her smooth vocal, lyric and instrumental delivery on ‘Weekdays.’ Then add to your chilled playlist. Nothing better than this fresh up-and-coming artist to keep you warm this winter!

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