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In the ever-evolving realm of UK Drill, one name is causing waves and redefining the scene – 163 Margs.

Following his viral debut single, 'Hide & Seek,' featuring the rap sensation Digga D, this rising Drill rapper has unleashed his highly anticipated follow-up, 'Talk Of The Town.' This moody and darkly energetic track showcases the distinct flow and lyrical wordplay that is quickly making 163 Margs a renowned figure in the genre.

'Talk Of The Town' is a powerful indicator of the bright future awaiting this emerging star. With his meteoric rise out of the Drill stratosphere and into the mainstream charts, 163 Margs' immediate success is a testament to his undeniable talent and the certainty that he will soon be impossible to overlook.

While UK Drill has recently faced scrutiny for potentially losing its originality and excitement, 163 Margs, the masked enigma, has emerged as a force to reinvigorate the scene.

In a bold move back in August, 163 Margs took a leap of faith by uploading his first-ever studio-produced track to TikTok. Even before its official release, bootleg stream versions of 'Hide & Seek' appeared all over the internet, underscoring the insatiable appetite of his fanbase. While 163 Margs fits the drill artist profile on the surface, this South-East Londoner is here to prove that his explosive start is more than just a moment.

163 Margs is not just an artist; he's a game-changer who's breathing new life into the UK Drill scene. As he continues to reshape the landscape of UK Drill, the future is bright for 163 Margs, and his journey is one worth watching closely.

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