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The New Consistent

The New Consistent, also known as TNC, has released his latest single 'Led Astray,' featuring fellow Birmingham-based rapper Hunter Bavaro.

The track explores the pressures of modern life and the tendency to succumb to the distractions that surround us. The song highlights the feelings of a generation that is constantly under attack from every angle, and the struggle to find moments of peace and clarity.

TNC's unique approach to music is evident in 'Led Astray,' as he seamlessly blends modern UK and classic US hip-hop beats with his signature silky, bona fide delivery. Hunter Bavaro's verse complements TNC's perfectly, offering a darker shift in tone and personal perspective that amplifies the song's message.

What makes 'Led Astray' stand out is not just the thought-provoking lyrics, but also TNC's dedication to offering something different in terms of promotion. He has organized a showcase event in the same location where the visuals for the song were shot.

The event will allow listeners to experience the track in the world it was created in and will feature live interviews, It's a unique approach that highlights TNC's commitment to creating an immersive experience for his fans.

The song has already been gaining recognition, and it's not hard to see why. The New Consistent's ability to deliver poignant messages through his music while also incorporating unique sounds and melodies sets him apart from his peers. If you're a fan of UK hip-hop or just a lover of good music, 'Led Astray' is a must-listen. It's an excellent example of the talent and potential that TNC possesses, and it's exciting to see what he has in store for us next.

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