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Since making his debut in the ever-growing UK scene back in 2019, West Midlands-based The New Consistent has been carving out his own niche lane in the scene with his unique sound. Continuing to carve out this lane and secure his name in the scene, TNC has released the breathtaking EP ‘All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay’.

With a sound that blends elements of modern UK hip-hop with classic US Hip-Hop this latest project encapsulates everything TNC is about as he resonates with his listener on a deep and personal level. With the project drenched in raw emotions, we see TNC open up as he speaks on the complex nature of managing the transition from teen to youth. Focusing on everything from the highs and the lows, no rock is left unturned in this tale of a story from boy to man. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 2022, this project holds a special presence in TNC’s music career. Recording at Abbey Road Studios is something many artists only dream of, with so many important moments within music happening within the four walls - TNC is now adding himself to the history of this building.

Speaking about the project, TNC elaborates:

‘Despite being at my most vulnerable at times on this project, it’s the most confident I’ve felt putting music out, and that’s a very refreshing feeling. I think collectively, people have learnt to appreciate vulnerability being at the forefront of the conversation, and I’ve noticed this particularly in the relationships that I’ve got with my mates and some family members. It feels like the pandemic stripped a lot of people of their ego, and I’ve noticed a lot of people around me have experienced very similar feelings and emotions in the last 12 months since normality returned; it’s brought a lot of people to the same level emotionally, and I wanted to capture that. So for me, it made sense to tell my story without any smokescreen. This project is me being 100% true to myself, where I come from and the people in my life.’

Check out the full project and get lost in TNC’s captivating voice.

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