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Multifaceted artist and co-founder of the 'HeroesNeverDie' label, TjTUCKER, is captivating listeners with his compelling double-sided single "Damaged" and "I Do Not."

These emotionally charged alternative rap/trap tracks align with World Mental Health Day - October 10th - delivering a powerful message of self-empowerment and authenticity.

"Damaged" and "I Do Not" take listeners on a journey of introspection, where vulnerability is celebrated, and challenges are faced head-on. These songs weave a narrative of acceptance, encouraging individuals to rise above adversity while embracing their true selves.

Hailing from Leeds, UK, TjTUCKER has made a lasting impact on the music scene, sharing stages with acclaimed artists and gracing prestigious venues. His creative pursuits extend beyond music and are showcased in the 'TappedIn' YouTube series and the 'Irrelevant Rambling' Podcast.

As TjTUCKER's influence continues to resonate globally, the release of "Damaged" and "I Do Not" stands as a testament to his dedication to authentic expression and artistic resilience.

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