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Rising artist THEO returns with her latest single "There's Always Something," featuring renowned poet and spoken word artist Sophia Thakur.

The soulful string-laden R&B track delves into the complexities of emotional exhaustion in relationships. Written during the depths of lockdown, the hypnotic yet restless quality of the driving beat and repetitive lyrics captures the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of disappointment, as THEO describes it, where the same issues resurface constantly, explaining the inspiration behind the track;

"‘There's Always Something’ conveys the frustration of trying so hard to make a relationship work, always giving but never receiving. Despite this, there's still a glimmer of hope that shines through. The lyrics suggest that although faith in the relationship may be dwindling, it hasn't been completely lost."

With a musical background that traces back to childhood Christmas shows involving the participation of every family member and lively karaoke performances at Canavan's, THEO has always found solace in expressing herself through music.

"There's Always Something" showcases the best of both fast-emerging artists, delivering a soulful treat to listeners.

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