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Brooklyn's rising R&B superstar, Tamera, continues to make waves as she announces the forthcoming release of her EP "L.I.T."

Ahead of the EP's highly anticipated debut, Tamera treats her fans to the irresistible single "Poison," accompanied by a visually striking music video, directed by Remi Laudat, taking viewers on a journey through hypercolor vignettes, capturing Tamera's tumultuous relationship with her toxic love interest.

Encapsulating a toxic dynamic between two individuals deeply in love yet struggling to navigate a healthy relationship, Tamera's poignant lyrics and emotive delivery reflect the complicated nature of their bond, making "Poison" a captivating and relatable exploration of modern relationships.

"L.I.T.," short for "lost in translation," promises to be Tamera's most intimate and revealing body of work yet. The 6-track EP picks up where her 2021 debut EP "Afrodite" left off, exemplifying a fusion of UK R&B, afrobeats, hip-hop, and more. The project is a musical testament to Tamera's own heritage and upbringing, as she takes listeners on a sonic journey through her mind, heart, and life.

From exploring her feminine energy in "Afrodite" to confronting deeper emotions such as anxiety, confidence, misperception, and self-doubt in "L.I.T.," Tamera's evolution as an artist is evident.

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