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Croydon's rising multi-talented artist SwitchOTR returns with his highly addictive new single 'WDYM' (What Do You Mean).

Produced by Ertu, the song showcases Switch's versatility as he effortlessly moves between melodic sung choruses and half-sung half-rapped verses delving into the highs and lows of his newfound fame and confronts the empty promises from a girl in his life.

Taking viewers on a late-night drive through the quiet streets of central London, adding an atmospheric dimension to the song, with accompanying visuals shot by Leon Matthews, SwitchOTR serves the full complete package for his highly anticipated return. Speaking on 'WDYM,' SwitchOTR explains,

"It's about the empty promises I had from a girl, and how tired I am of hearing countless lies. The song also reflects my life, prioritizing spending time in the studio and working on my music. This is just the beginning of many more singles to come from me this year."

At only 20 years old and just two years into his career, SwitchOTR is already experiencing a meteoric rise in the music industry.

SwitchOTR's latest single 'WDYM' showcases his raw talent and emotional depth, cementing his place as an artist to watch closely. With a promising future ahead, fans can eagerly anticipate more remarkable music from SwitchOTR throughout the year.

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