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Sunkissed Child

Introducing 'Palette Cleanser,' an enchanting collaboration between the talented artists Pavel Telica and Sunkissed Child. Creating a captivating lo-fi summer anthem, they effortlessly blend jazz, alt-pop, and R&B, setting the stage for a delightful tale of a summer fling showcasing Sunkisssed Child's multilingual prowess with her French singing debut, infusing the song with irresistible charm.

The lyrics brim with playfulness and flirtatiousness, offering a remedy to any remnants of toxic, negative romantic history. 'Palette Cleanser' stands as a celebration of the 'single era,' with lush harmonies, jazzy undertones, and tantalizing production making it irresistibly addictive. The magnetic allure of this mesmerising composition beckons listeners to indulge in the joy of newfound connections and the blissful anticipation of a summer romance.

Together, Sunkissed Child and Pavel Telica deliver an enchanting musical journey with 'Palette Cleanser.' This collaboration showcases their immense talent and creativity, promising a bright future for both artists.

With its irresistible charm and captivating melodies, 'Palette Cleanser' is a must-listen summer anthem that will leave listeners yearning for more.

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