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After receiving support from BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing, COLORS, and Wonderland, the talented Stella Talpo has presented her debut album, "MEDUSA," created with the support of PRS' 'Women Make Music Fund.'

In her debut album "MEDUSA," Stella Talpo takes on societal ideals and oppressive frameworks as she weaves a central thread of mythological, primal, and visceral imagery to normalize elements of the human experience that are often considered ugly but very real. This contrasts with the sterilized society we occupy, where we've been detached from our primal nature. Stella explains the initial inspiration for the concept:

"Initially, the concept was inspired by the 'Chimera,' a creature villainized for its grotesque form, which paralleled the story I wanted to tell about our inner darkness and imperfections, the things that make us animals that we've hidden away, particularly from a woman's point of view."

Stella Talpo's album is the result of years of musical experimentation and growth with producer Lewis Moody (known for working with 30/70 and Cherise). Injecting ethereal darkness and alt-pop sound design into Stella's soulful RnB songwriting, with influences ranging from the leftfield electronics of Gazelle Twin to the cinematic soul of SAULT and contemporary feminist literature by Gillian Alban and Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The lyrical motifs explored in the album draw from these influences. Stella reveals,

"Women Who Run With Wolves unlocked so much for me creatively, inspiring a lot of the purpose, metaphors, and repeated literary motifs on the album."

Stella Talpo's previous singles like 'GOOD GIRLS' and 'BONES' introduced the grittier, primal sound and visceral imagery present in the album's lyrical themes. Tracks like 'QUICKSAND' lean more into Stella's alt-RnB stylings but feature booming 808-powered basslines that add to the fierce attitude adopted in handling anxieties head-on. Meanwhile, 'DUST' takes a turn into twisted alt-pop, exploring previously uncharted territory.

Stella Talpo is a boundary-pushing artist who is poised to make her mark with "MEDUSA."

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