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Stüssy pay homage to the iconic rock band Talking Heads with the latest Fall 2023 collection featuring artwork from the album 'Remain in Light' and imagery from the 'Stop Making Sense' concert film.

Formed in 1977 in New York City by David Byrne, Talking Heads quickly rose to prominence in the music industry and are widely regarded as one of the "greatest artists of all time," before being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

To showcase this special collaboration, Stüssy captured a series of images at the iconic Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. This historic venue holds significance for Talking Heads fans as it was where the band's iconic "Stop Making Sense" concert film was performed and recorded in 1984.

The Talking Heads x Stüssy Fall 2023 collection features a range of T-shirts, with the standout piece being a graphic-printed T-shirt featuring artwork from the band's seminal album "Remain in Light" (1980). The other T-shirts in the collection feature imagery of David Byrne in his iconic oversized suit, a memorable look from the Stop Making Sense concert film that has become synonymous with the band's visual identity.

With a remastered version of this iconic album "Remain In Light" which is set to be released later this year, this latest collection adds to the anticipation surrounding this upcoming album.

This collaboration not only pays tribute to the enduring legacy of Talking Heads but also introduces its iconic music and visual style to a new generation of fans through the medium of streetwear, making it a notable addition to Stüssy's Fall 2023 offerings.

The Talking Heads x Stüssy Fall 2023 collection will be available online, at Stüssy Chapter locations, DSM, and on the Talking Heads' website. The collection will be available September 8th at 6 PM GMT.

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