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SOLOMON, the rising artist, has released his highly anticipated debut 8-track EP titled 'FOR STARTERS,' following the success of his recent singles 'dehydrate,' 'sore loser,' and 'phases' featuring Kojey Radical.

Presenting a culmination of SOLOMON's hard work, highlighting his unique sound in ways that haven't been heard before. Beginning with the melancholic acapella offering of 'do you want my love,' where SOLOMON's voice takes centre stage, the guitar-led ballad explores the theme of unrequited love, delivering a mellow and brooding atmosphere.

While known for his lo-fi ballads, SOLOMON's sound reaches new heights on livelier tracks such as the recently released summer single 'dehydrate,' which adds a fresh and sun-soaked vibe to the EP. His viral breakthrough single 'listen up,' with over 13 million streams, takes listeners on a journey through the artist's mind, exploring the complexities of love and heartbreak.

Fearlessly diving into honest topics with heartfelt tracks like 'burn out' and 'fingerprints,' beautifully crafted odes infused with his signature guitar melodies. 'burn out' captures the feeling of exhausting oneself in the pursuit of love, while 'fingerprints' reflects on the lingering aftermath of a lost love, creating a visceral and relatable experience. Regarding the EP, SOLOMON shares,

"I tend to use music as an escape, and to encourage others to let it [music] take you elsewhere. 'FOR STARTERS' marks the start of an incredible journey; this compilation of songs really sums up all the madness that the

Closing the project in classic SOLOMON fashion, 'loosely' takes listeners back to cinematic melodies, delivering a lucid and nostalgic feel. This co-produced offering by SOLOMON and mintsauce tells the story of a young and complicated relationship, with the artist's falsetto vocals pondering on the lingering thoughts and emotions.

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