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Slew's latest release, "No More (Family Shit)," is making waves in the UK music scene with its earth-shattering production from Karma Kid and a gritty video directed by rising talent Zack Arlo.

"No More (Family Shit)," is a powerful statement that showcases his unique style and perspective. The track addresses the difficulties of familial relationships and how they can be a burden, particularly when trying to pursue one's own path. The accompanying video directed by Zack Arlo complements the track effortlessly, with its raw and gritty visuals that capture the emotion of the song.

The track showcases the distinctive style of this newcomer, who is starting to gain recognition from respected UK tastemakers such as CLASH, Dummy, GRM, NTS, Link Up TV, XL Recordings, and Spotify's coveted NMF playlist.

Slew's double radio premiere on BBC Radio 1 via Benji B and DJ Target on BBC 1Xtra is also a testament to the impact he is making.

Slew's music reflects his fiercely British voice, born and raised in West London, and exposed to the best of the UK underground. He began making music after seeing his cousin spitting on Grime, and he has been on his own path ever since. The artist never quite fit in growing up, spending his weekends raving and exposing himself to new sounds to broaden his horizons. Slew's musical influences span across different genres, including grime, garage, and hip hop, which he infuses his music with a unique blend of sounds.

Besides music, Slew is also well-embedded in fashion circles, having worked with A Cold Wall, Moncler, Trapstar, Basement Approved, END. Clothing, and more. He was even asked to sit front row at Burberry's London Fashion Week show last month, a testament to his unique style and growing influence in the fashion industry.

Slew's music is sure to continue gaining recognition in the UK music scene and beyond, with his unique blend of sounds and fierce British voice.

As he continues to collaborate with rising talents in the industry, we can expect more exciting releases from this newcomer.

Words by Liam Tyler

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